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OEM: product reliability ensured

To reduce failures and optimize production, a manufacturer of phone holders sought to switch from a mechanical snap fit to a fast-curing bonding solution.
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Increasing production reliability


With rubber feet falling out of their phone holders, this company investigated new ways to adhere components.

Potential solutions needed to be fast curing, help increase speed to market, eliminate blooming outside of the bond line, and meet the product’s one-year warranty.

Success in time for Christmas

Henkel Adhesive Technologies’ LOCTITE® team selected LOCTITE® 401 and 500D dual benchtop robots to adhere the feet to polycarbonate and PTE rubber. 

The switch from mechanical snap fit to a Henkel solution enabled our customer to clear a $400,000 order backlog and get products on the shelves in just over a month and in time for the Christmas shopping season.


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