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  • Putting an end to loose set screws

    Find out what a mill used to secure set screws, saving up 10 hours repair time for every incident.

  • Peace of mind – secured

    Find out how a food manufacturer stopped stainless-steel pipe leakages and reduced contamination risks.

White papers

  • Increase reliability and reduce downtime with maintenance solutions guide

    Download our maintenance solutions guide to easily identify which products will help you reduce costly downtime.

  • Keeping threaded fasteners in their place

    Ever wondered why threaded fasteners cause so much downtime? Our white paper explores the reasons and the best solutions to this common industrial nuisance.

Events and webinars

  • LOCTITE® threadlockers masterclass

    Address the root cause of machinery failure and reduce overall maintenance costs: LOCTITE®'s masterclass training can help you find the perfect solution to end your unpredictable downtime misery.

Industrial maintenance

Minimize unscheduled downtime, streamline repairs, and lower costs while securing reliable performance

Plant managers face many challenges, but variations and dealing with diverse maintenance schedules is often a common issue across a range of industries. Maintenance is essential to ensure smooth operations and taking a pro-active approach helps avoid costly and sudden breakdowns. Ensuring that the correct servicing is done along with any repairs will keep your production flowing efficiently. That’s why at Henkel Adhesive Technologies we’ve developed a range of maintenance products and services to help you ensure your production machinery delivers optimal performance.

Someone wearing a white shirt points at an equipment display screen while checking maintenance reports

Preventative maintenance is key to ensuring your team is sufficiently trained and your key machinery operating at optimal levels. Our LOCTITE® solutions for industrial maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) help you reduce – or even avoid – repair-related downtime completely. We also offer training programs and on-site audits to keep your machinery and team at peak performance. As a trusted and experienced partner, Henkel offers high-quality and reliable industrial maintenance products and solutions to minimize unnecessary downtimes and reduce costs.

A person wearing a hard hat, safety glasses and Henkel coveralls performs maintenance on overhead valves.

Why choose LOCTITE® industrial maintenance and MRO solutions?

Proactive maintenance solutions and ensuring you have the right products at hand puts you in the best position to minimize unexpected downtimes and avoid costly repairs. At Henkel Adhesive Technologies, we have solutions to make this happen.

Our LOCTITE® product line was developed to keep your operation performing optimally, while our LOCTITE® industrial maintenance and repair services are designed to identify potential issues in advance and plan repairs around your production schedule.

To keep equipment operating efficiently, our expert industrial maintenance services solutions will equip your team with both the tools and skills to effectively identify issues and stay up to date on best practices, while our innovative product solutions, including adhesives, sealants, lubricants, and coatings will enhance operation reliability and reduce repair costs.

Global trends and statistics

Discover industrial maintenance and repair trends and statistics from around the world.

Graphic of different industrial maintenance equipment.

Industrial maintenance and repair solutions

With our industry knowledge and expertise, we can help you find the right solution for challenges related to your specific industry. 

Static equipment

Henkel’s range of LOCTITE® industrial maintenance solutions include products designed for static equipment, such as storage tanks, flotation cells, heat exchangers, pipes to only name a few. Our highly reliable solutions include, but are not limited to sealants, protective coatings, rust converters, as well as epoxy composite repair system and putties.

Floor repair

With an extensive range of floor repair solutions for industrial facilities and warehouses. Our range of LOCTITE® industrial and warehouse floor repair products are designed to withstand the heavy loads that can cause the floor to deteriorate over time. The floor repair product line includes anti-slip coatings, concrete floor repair materials, as well as a range of repair materials and floor coatings to keep your industrial facilities running efficiently.

Discover our industrial facility solutions

Designed for a wide range of industries and applications, our industrial maintenance solutions help to prevent failures and ensure that equipment and machinery continues to function properly.

Mines and quarries

As some of the most demanding environments for equipment and machinery, effective and reliable maintenance solutions are essential for mining and quarries. LOCTITE® products offer trusted and proven solutions to keep mining equipment running optimally. Easy and quick to apply, our mining equipment and machinery maintenance solutions are designed for repairing conveyor belts, rubber liners, crushers, chutes, ball mills, along with pipes, ducts, and elbows.

Power generation plants

Whether for conventional thermal power plants, hydroelectric power plants, or nuclear power plants, keeping plants running at optimal production outputs is critical. Henkel understands the importance of efficiency and with over six decades of experience in the industry, offers highly reliable power plant maintenance solutions, that includes threadlockers, adhesives, sealants, and putties.

Wastewater treatment plants

When it comes to wastewater treatment plant maintenance, downtimes must be precisely planned to avoid serious consequences. For this reason, Henkel offers reliable and trusted maintenance solutions for areas such as conveyor belts, pumps, tanks, and floors. Our product solutions are designed to save time by maximizing conveyor uptime, lower costs by reducing part replacement, effectively repairing concrete damage in high usage areas, and enhance safety by preventing hazardous slips and falls while extending the working life of the equipment.

Industrial maintenance and repair product solutions

Our LOCTITE® Products for industrial maintenance and repair operations include:


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