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Engineered for manufacturing and maintenance

LOCTITE® tackles all kinds of challenges related to bonding, adhesion, surface treatments, and sealants. Keeping machines running across the globe, our solutions help reduce unplanned downtime, lower maintenance and manufacturing costs, improve machine reliability, and increase productivity.



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LOCTITE® has become synonymous with machine reliability and manufacturing efficiency. This is why.

Explore industry-specific cases

  • Manufacturing

  • Maintenance and repair

Explore LOCTITE® products

  • Threadlockers

  • Thread sealants

  • Retaining compounds

  • Structural adhesives

  • Gasketing sealants


  • Putting an end to loose set screws

    Find out what a mill used to secure set screws, saving up 10 hours repair time for every incident.

  • Peace of mind – secured

    Find out how a food manufacturer stopped stainless-steel pipe leakages and reduced contamination risks.

Events and webinars

  • LOCTITE® threadlockers masterclass

    Address the root cause of machinery failure and reduce overall maintenance costs: LOCTITE®'s masterclass training can help you find the perfect solution to end your unpredictable downtime misery.

White papers

  • LOCTITE® 402

    Fast fixture, high strength, and ultra-high performance

  • Keeping threaded fasteners in their place

    Ever wondered why threaded fasteners cause so much downtime? Our white paper explores the reasons and the best solutions to this common industrial nuisance.

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Limitless LOCTITE®

The difference between a minor mechanical malfunction and a complete operation shut-down often hangs in the balance. Luckily, LOCTITE®'s benefits are limitless. We’ve developed and defined our range of solutions to fit just about every conceivable mechanical scenario. And rest assured: Our scientists are busy at work developing new products for even the unthinkable ones.

Using LOCTITE® eliminates gaps, leaks, breaks, spun bearings, shreds and loosening in mechanical equipment. In addition to preventing catastrophic machine failures, most of our customers stick with LOCTITE® for reduced unplanned downtime, lower maintenance and manufacturing costs, improved reliability, and increased productivity.

LOCTITE® is one of the best-known brands in the Henkel Adhesive Technologies portfolio. Probably because we’ve always made it our business to reinforce your needs. For people in OEM that often comes down to using solutions that enable superior product design and improved manufacturing efficiency. Not to mention round-the-clock troubleshooting support and opportunity assessment for production process improvisation. Whereas for MRO stakeholders, preventing unplanned downtime, reducing maintenance costs, and finding new avenues to achieve maintenance excellence with our experts are top-of-the-list benefits.

There is no one-and-only advantage. That’s one of the reasons we say limitless LOCTITE®. Another is the fact that LOCTITE® has the power to transform business in so many ways. From adhesives to sealants to surface treatments, the expansive product portfolio is designed for the most demanding industry application imaginable.

This is the thing: often you don’t know you have a technical or mechanical problem before it’s too late. And just as often, LOCTITE® could have prevented whatever calamity took place. To manage risks more efficiently, explore the depth of our adhesive, sealant, and coating solutions for industrial applications – and reach out, if you want to know more about how we can help.