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The durable way to secure components and shafts

Retaining compounds are a type of anaerobic adhesive essential for the precision assembly of interference and slip-fitting parts – and any component used within systems that are subject to high vibration in challenging environmental conditions. They fill spaces between individual components, cure to form a strong bond and allow for the transmission of high loads in the absence of air. This means sealed components and machine designs will achieve high strength and temperature resistance across a variety of substrates.

Retaining compounds are used in a broad range of mechanical components, as well as for bearings, shafts, and cylinder liners. They are most commonly found within the automotive and heavy machinery industries but can be used in any industry where metal-to-metal friction is required for load transfer. Retaining compounds help manufacturers avoid unnecessary machining of a broad range of mechanical components during MRO.

An excellent alternative to other mechanical methods, retaining compounds are ideal for any type of component that will be placed under stress, features a small adhesion area, or will be used within moving machinery. They are also suitable for components at risk of fretting and the consequent risk of corrosion as they can help reduce wear and potential failure during operation.


Why choose LOCTITE® retaining compounds?

Our range of high-strength retaining compounds offer unitized assembly, no fretting corrosion, uniform stress distribution, allows fitting of dissimilar metals, and helps you reduce costs. While retaining compounds are a similar product to threadlockers, they offer significant differences in performance. When comparing retaining compounds vs. threadlockers, it is important to know that threadlockers are designed to prevent loosening and leakage around threaded fasteners, whereas, retaining compounds offer a high strength bond when attaching non-threaded cylindrical components, and are especially useful in automotive or heavy machinery applications.

LOCTITE® retaining compounds are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. In fact, they can be used wherever sealed cylindrical components require high strength bonding solutions.

Contact the team today to see what LOCTITE® retaining compounds can do for your operation.

Types of retaining compounds

Retaining compounds are available in a range of formulas and designed for specific functions in a wide range of industries. Henkel’s retaining compound solutions include:

  • High strength
  • High temperature resistance
  • Fast cure speeds
  • Superior gap filling
  • Low viscosity
  • Fluorescent formula

What are the applications

LOCTITE® retaining compounds are specially formulated to bond cylindrical components where high shear strength is required. These applications include the securing of bearings, bushings, cylinder liners, core plugs, and other cylindrical parts into housings or onto shafts. LOCTITE® retaining compounds provide shear resistant bonds, high temperature resistance, fast curing, and superior gap filling options for use across a variety of industries. Discover how partnering with Henkel can help you innovate and optimize your designs.

Fretting corrosion prevention

LOCTITE® bearing retaining compounds fill the air spaces between the two mated metal surfaces, which reduces fretting corrosion and oxidation, ensuring components run smoothly where high loads and repeated relative surface motion exist. Commonly this occurs in exposed metallic surfaces where long-term vibration is present, helping to mitigate mechanical wear that may cause metallic debris that undermines optimal operation.

General manufacturing

LOCTITE® retaining compound solutions are found within a variety of general manufacturing applications thanks to their high versatility and broad spectrum of characteristics. Combined, this m means that a wide range of challenges can be met within facilities or the field, delivering reliable adhesion and strength in diverse environmental conditions across bearings, sleeves, and pins as well as close fit, slip fit, press fit, and shrink fit applications.

MRO applications

Industrial maintenance, repair, and operations programs require comprehensive solutions that aid optimal servicing and proactive repair. LOCTITE® retaining compounds ensure MRO teams can quickly and efficiently source targeted solutions to keep critical equipment in working order and ensure repairs are made when required.


Automotive retaining compounds from LOCTITE® deliver high-temperature resistance and gap filling solutions across a broad range of applications. Whether used within shaft or keyway repair to cut the costs of replacement or integrated into the design of electrical components, LOCTITE® retaining compounds are designed for seamless integration in automotive applications.


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