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    LOCTITE® HY 4070
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  • Structural adhesives

  • Structural adhesives

    LOCTITE® HY 4090 GY

Tough, long-lasting bonding for a range of surfaces

LOCTITE® structural adhesives have been developed for engineering applications across a huge range of industries. They provide reliable, long-lasting bonding and sealing where load bearing, and other structural conditions are required. Our structural adhesives have been developed for a wide variety of surfaces, materials, and applications. These toughened acrylics, polyurethanes, cyanoacrylates, anaerobic, and epoxy structural adhesives offer a broad scope of applications for industrial and commercial design.

The LOCTITE® portfolio provides comprehensive information sets on each of our structural adhesives, alongside proven cases for specific industrial bonding, sealing and assembly applications. Additionally, easy-to-use packages for hand-held, manual, and semi-automated applications, including cartridges, syringes, soft-squeeze bottles, and dual cartridges for two-part formulations are available. Whatever your requirements, the LOCTITE® team is on hand to offer advice and guidance on the best structural adhesive for your design, process, or industry.

LOCTITE® structural adhesives are designed to eliminate or significantly reduce the use of costly mechanical fastener methods. They offer improved aesthetics compared to mechanical fasteners, ensures uniform weight distribution of substrates, and can handle multi-substrate bonding. They are ideally suited to low weight or weight reduction applications, reduce labor costs, and can fill large gaps between parts.

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Why choose LOCTITE® structural adhesives?

There are many types of structural adhesives currently available that fulfil a broad range of industrial and commercial design needs. Each offers distinct advantages, allowing you to tailor your choice of adhesive according to how its features meet the demands of your specific application. 

The LOCTITE® brand has been developed specifically to ensure flexibility and adaptability in a broad range of applications. Certain products are suitable for bonding particular substrates, including dissimilar substrates and feature specific characteristics that target your needs. 

Contact the LOCTITE® team to see what LOCTITE® structural adhesives can do for your operation.


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