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Eliminate fastener loosening with LOCTITE® threadlockers

Mechanical locking devices (such as split ring washers, nylon insert nuts, and serrated tooth washers) play central roles in most industry. They were invented to solve the common problem of loosening that happens in most threaded assemblies. However, they don’t really “lock” the assemblies and can’t maintain clamp load. They often loosen under vibration, thermal expansion, bending, and/or improper torque.

LOCTITE® threadlockers provide the ideal, dependable, and long-term way of ensuring threaded fasteners remain fixed and secure. Applied between two mating threads, liquid threadlocker adhesives secure nuts, bolts, and threaded fasteners in place. They cure to form a strong bond that prevents loosening, ensuring assemblies retain clamp load over time.


Improve operational performance with LOCTITE® threadlockers

You can trust LOCTITE® threadlockers to keep your threaded fasteners securely in place. These industry-leading solutions are versatile, affordable, and reliable and have been solving fastening challenges all over the world for over 50 years. 

LOCTITE® threadlocking solutions can effectively reduce the impact of costly failures, repairs, maintenance, and downtime. Applied to one or two threads before assembly, LOCTITE® threadlockers push out the air between the threads as the fastener is tightened. The threadlocker’s anaerobic material cures in the absence of air to form a strong, thermoset plastic that locks threads and joints in place.

LOCTITE® threadlockers can also lower the effect of corrosion in threaded components and help to prevent leaks in your assemblies. For both maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) and original equipment manufacturing (OEM), LOCTITE® threadlockers secure nuts, bolts, and threaded fasteners to improve reliability, eliminate failure, and boost your operation’s productivity.

All LOCTITE® resist temperatures ranging from -65°F to 300°F, while some are designed for temperatures up to 650°F. 

Contact the LOCTITE® team to see what LOCTITE® threadlockers can do for your operations.


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