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Environmentally friendly industrial cleaning products and degreasers for all industries

Finding simple and efficient industrial degreasers and cleaners that are also sustainable can be a challenge. Henkel has developed a broad range of industrial LOCTITE® and BONDERITE® cleaners designed to improve efficiency and lower operating costs. With a wide range of alkaline, neutral and acidic cleaners to choose from, and formulated for both spray or immersion cleaning, our range of solvent and non-solvent base products are suitable for all types of surfaces.

Quickly remove all types of grease, oil, dirt particles and more range of industrial cleaners that are suitable for a wide range of applications, from automotive, transportation, aerospace, defense, construction, electronics, shipbuilding and more. Our portfolio of in eco-friendly industrial cleaning products are tailored to improve machine efficiency, longevity and safety while ensuring your plant or factory continues to operate optimally.

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What are the benefits of industrial cleaners?

Henkel’s extensive portfolio of industrial metal, neutral and alkaline cleaners provide the perfect solution to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for spray or immersion cleaners, our range of LOCTITE® and BONDERITE® cleaners have been developed and optimized to offer a product range you can depend on. From descalers, graffiti removers, maintenance cleaners, floor cleaners, and even special additives like defoamers, our selection of high quality and innovative product line is sure to meet your specific requirements. 

Neutral cleaners

Falling between an eight and ten on the PH scale, neutral cleaners are non-acidic, non-alkaline cleaning agents that offer an alternative to aggressive cleaning products. Often used in interprocess cleaning, industrial neutral metal cleaners remove foreign materials, and any contaminates from previous production steps to prepare it for further steps.

Henkel’s range of BONDERITE® neutral cleaners are the ideal solution for processes like machining, grinding, cutting, or stamping, and ensure highest parts quality by easily removing dust, metal particles or lubricants while also providing temporary corrosion protection. If higher corrosion protection is necessary for prolonged storage or transport times, our BONDERITE® rust preventatives and corrosion inhibitor coatings can be applied after cleaning.

The BONDERITE® neutral cleaner portfolio includes immersion cleaners, spray cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners, and solvent cleaners for a wide range of applications, as well as foam free metal cleaners designed for high-pressure systems.

Industrial degreasers

Commonly used as the first step in metal pretreatment processes, industrial degreasers remove dirt, oils, and oxides from surfaces to prepare for conversion coatings or paint. Using industrial degreasers to clean components is a crucial step in the production processes while also offering corrosion protection. Henkel’s broad portfolio of industrial degreasers and cleaners, includes BONDERITE® alkaline cleaners, as well as acidic cleaners and neutral descalers, that have been designed to provide the optimal product choice for cleaning operations across a broad range of industries.

Industrial maintenance cleaners

Proper maintenance cleaning ensures production facilities such as power plants and oil refineries function optimally to prevent unexpected delays. However, Henkel’s range of industrial maintenance cleaners can also be used in vehicles and other machines. From cleaning industrial heat exchangers, pumps, filters, pipes and engines to vehicle exteriors, interiors, floors and even graffiti removal, our high quality and reliable product line offers eco-friendly industrial cleaners for a wide range of applications.

Our industrial maintenance cleaner portfolio also includes products specifically designed for refurbishing industrial components such as heavy engines, railway components and other applications needed for the remanufacturing industry.

Mold release cleaners

Easily clean and remove buildup from molds of all shapes and sizes with Henkel’s portfolio of mold release cleaners. Our high-quality cleaners promote safer and more efficient work processes while ensuring that cast parts are produced in the highest quality possible. Designed to be used on a wide range of surface types, our unique formulations effectively clean without dulling the surface or causing damage to your mold. Henkel’s mold release cleaners ensure equipment is always clean and ready to be used and can be applied both pre- and post-process production.


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