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  • Protective coatings

  • Wear resistant coatings

  • Protective coatings

    LOCTITE® SF 7900
  • Wear resistant coatings

    LOCTITE® PC 7317
  • Wear resistant coatings

    LOCTITE® PC 7383
  • Wear resistant coatings

    LOCTITE® PC 7218
  • Wear resistant coatings

    LOCTITE® PC 9313

Restore and rebuild worn surfaces with LOCTITE® wear-resistant and protective industrial coatings

Damage caused by wear and corrosion can lead to costly repairs and downtime due to equipment failure. Protecting valuable equipment is critical to keep processes running smoothly and efficiently. Industrial coatings and surface treatments help protect against damage and extend service life. As a trusted industrial coatings manufacturer, Henkel’s LOCTITE® portfolio of industrial coating products offers innovative and high-quality solutions that are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.

What are the benefits of industrial coatings?

As an industry leader, Henkel strives to continually develop innovative and reliable solutions that add value to our customers. Our team of engineers and experts have developed a range of LOCTITE® wear resistant and protective industrial coatings that increases efficiency and offers consistent reliability while reducing maintenance costs. For example, industrial surface coatings reduce the amount of friction which extends equipment service life while also improving production efficiency.

Industrial coatings are also less time-consuming compared to traditional solutions such as hard-face welding. Henkel’s industrial coatings can be used on a wide variety of equipment and surface types and offer excellent protection and superior compressive strength.

Our industrial coating product portfolio includes:

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