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Industrial protective coating solutions to ensure equipment and machinery function at optimal levels

Harsh industrial environments demand protective coatings for all equipment and machinery. Industrial weathering, such as abrasion, erosion, chemical attack, corrosion, and mechanical damage, can lead to extended periods of downtime for repair or replacement. Protective coatings to prevent such corrosion are a must for operating efficiently.

LOCTITE® protective coating solutions are easily applied on surfaces of all sizes and are effective in preventing premature corrosion and damage.

  • Restore worn surfaces and prolong the life of new and used parts
  • Improve equipment and machine efficiency
  • Save costs by reducing need for part replacement and maintaining spare-part inventories
  • Protect equipment against all forms of corrosion
  • Provide superior chemical resistance to protect assemblies
A ball Mill inside of a copper processing industry.; Loctite

Why choose LOCTITE® industrial protective coatings?

One of the biggest problems encountered in industrial facilities and processes is corrosion, and protective and wear resistant coating products must safeguard equipment and machinery against corrosion, erosion, and abrasion. LOCTITE® protective coatings are specifically designed to prevent corrosion for metals and steel. Wear, impact, erosion resistant coatings can also extend the life of all types of equipment and machinery.

Our protective coatings, along with our rust converters and undercoating products, are instrumental in keeping equipment and machinery operating optimally. LOCTITE® protective coatings can be applied by various methods including spraying, brushing, or dipping, depending on the situation.

Protective coatings for metal and steel

Replacing equipment and machinery made from steel and other metals is costly, not to mention time-consuming. So, it makes financial sense to be proactive in protecting equipment with protective coating materials.

LOCTITE® protective coating products offer solutions for all types of repairs and restoration of metal or steel machinery. These protective coating solutions also contribute to long-term resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and wear so machinery works at peak performance.

Explore the range of LOCTITE® wear resistant coatings

Our wear resistant coatings for stainless steel include both impact resistant coatings and abrasion resistant coatings used across various industries to effectively minimize the effects of wear, impact, corrosion, and different types of abrasion.

Abrasion resistant ceramic coatings

LOCTITE® brushable ceramic coatings utilize the strong wear properties of abrasion resistant ceramic coatings. Two-part epoxies to protect equipment like pumps, chutes, and augers in demanding industrial environments.

Abrasion resistant ceramic coatings from LOCTITE® resist chemical attacks and help rebuild and renew worn parts and surfaces. Our product line also includes abrasion coatings that are specially designed to resist wear resulting from surfaces rubbing against one another.

Impact resistance coatings

Our range of specialized impact resistance coatings are ideally suited for applications that involve large particle impact and enables machinery to be repaired and returned to service quickly and easily, thereby avoiding significant and unnecessary replacement costs.

Wear resistant coatings for steel

Steel is one of the most common metal substrates in building industrial machinery and equipment. Henkel’s LOCTITE® product line offers wear and abrasion and resistant coatings for steel to help restore parts and extend their useful life.

To find out more about our protective and wear resistant coating product solutions, contact a member of our team today.

Discover how protective coatings can be used in industrial applications

Having the right materials for industrial maintenance and repair applications will determine whether your efforts are successful or not.

Henkel is a trusted supplier of reliable protective and wear resistant coating materials for industrial repair and maintenance applications. Our extensive LOCTITE® product line has the right protective material chemistries and application options for industries such as mining, oil and gas, power generation, or wastewater plants.

We partner with select industrial maintenance service providers to offer professional application engineering services along with our products to ensure reliability, safety, and durability. These programs deliver the manpower and skills you need to get the job done.

Learn more about the best protective and wear resistant coating product solutions for your industry. Contact our service team for a personal consultation today.



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