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  • Anti seize lubricants

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Keep things moving smoothly and reliably

No matter the size or complexity, precision lubrication is essential to keep machinery and equipment running efficiently. Henkel offers a wide selection of high-quality industrial lubricant solutions designed to provide superior levels of precision and safety while improving tool life, reducing production times, and lowering energy consumption in your facilities.

Henkel’s range of industrial lubricant solutions include, metalworking fluids, cold rolling oils, anti-friction coatings, and even tire mounting lubricants that are manufactured and certified to meet the highest industry standards. Our industrial lubricants ensure maximum performance and reduce the risk of cascading failures and will keep your machines and equipment functioning smoothly and reliably.

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What are the benefits of Henkel’s industrial lubricant solutions?

As a trusted leader with decades of knowledge and expertise, Henkel supports a wide range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, transportation, electronics, construction, defense, shipbuilding and more. We are constantly striving to innovate and improve the types of lubricants used in metal forming applications in order to offer the highest quality and most reliable performance for hundreds of sectors around the world. From cutting fluids and oils, forging and casting lubricants to dielectric greases for electrical connectors and anti-seize lubricants, Henkel delivers cutting-edge solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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Cutting oils

Henkel offers a wide range of cutting oils designed for general machining applications that remove ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, but can also be used on copper, brass, and other types of metals. Available in different viscosities (low to moderate), they are the ideal solution for cutting, milling, flute grinding, shaping, and shaving applications in machining and grinding facilities.

Metalworking fluids and coolants

Improve the working life of your tools with BONDERITE® coolants and metalworking fluids. Our range of low foaming machining fluids improve part cleanliness and reduce downtimes and system cleanouts, and significantly reduce water consumption and waste. The range of lubricants provide an excellent surface finish that ensures long-term quality and includes oil based, synthetic and semi-synthetic, grinding fluids and metal stamping oils.

Casting lubricants

Casting lubricants are required for a wide variety of applications - from engine blocks, gear and battery boxes to complex structural components. Henkel’s extensive portfolio of casting lubricants includes high-pressure die casting, plunger, gravity, low pressure, and auxiliary lubricants, as well as anti-welding and startup lubricants.

Henkel strives to not only be at the forefront of innovation and technology, but to also find sustainable solutions that meet our customers needs. With this in mind, we have developed recyclable high pressure die casting lubricants as well as casting lubricants that can be used with micro-spray applications. Additionally, our high-performance casting lubricants are easy to handle while offering excellent corrosion protection and biostability.

Forging lubricants

For applications designed to perform in the most extreme temperature and pressure conditions, such as close die forging, calibration, extrusion, and flow forming. For this reason, precision and durability is critical. Henkel offers high-quality synthetic lubricant solutions that are suitable for steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and bronze forging applications. Our product portfolio provides excellent lubrication and protection while reducing cycle times, improving part quality, and maximizing performance.

Cold forming

Minimizing metal-to-metal contact and reducing welding and galling helps to streamline processes and shorten cycle times. Henkel’s BONDERITE® portfolio of cold forming pre-treatments and lubricants include conversion coatings, soap lubricants, and molybdenum disulfide grease. Our environmentally sustainable cold forming lubricants simplify process steps and prevent sludge formations thus, reducing waste and extending tool life.  

Tire mounting lubricants

Efficiency and reliability are paramount for tire mounting procedures while preventing improper bead seating. With extremely short drying times and higher stability in thermal cycling compared to soap-based products, Henkel’s range of synthetic tire mounting lubricants allows tools to easily glide over the surface, reducing mounting times in your shop.

Anti-seize lubricants

Formulated with high temperature resistance and designed to reduce wear and corrosion on machinery and equipment, Henkel’s range of LOCTITE® anti-seize lubricants offer critical protection while improving operation and manufacturing efficiency.


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