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Learn more about industrial repair materials.

  • Concrete repair materials

  • Concrete repair materials

    LOCTITE PC 9410

Avoid unnecessary delays with high quality industrial repair solutions available for a wide range of applications

Avoiding delays and costly downtimes is critical for industrial operations. Whether it is a piece of equipment, pipe, conveyor belt or flooring, making repairs as quickly and effectively as possible will keep your processes flowing smoothly and efficiently.

Henkel is dedicated to providing high-quality and reliable solutions for our customers. Our industrial repair material kits are designed with easy-to-follow instructions and are available in portable carrying cases, so you have all the materials you need to quickly make repairs. Our customers can also purchase activators and additives separately from the entire kit.

Example of industrial repair materials from Henkel Adhesives Technologies

Why choose LOCTITE® industrial repair materials?

Our industrial repair material portfolio includes:

  • Floor coatings
  • Concrete repair kits
  • Grout materials
  • Metal rebuilding materials
  • O-ring repair materials
  • Composite pipe repairs
  • Repair kits for industrial maintenance
  • Rubber and belt repairs

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