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Prevent liquid and gas leaks with reliable sealing solutions

Industrial sealants are used to seal and prevent moisture, dust and other harmful elements from damaging machinery and sensitive components. Henkel’s innovative portfolio includes an extensive line of industrial sealants and coatings that increase productivity and reduce costs across industries.

As a trusted industrial sealant manufacturer, Henkel continues to innovate and develop high quality solutions for a wide range of uses. Our robust product line is designed to meet a diverse set of requirements and includes, industrial grade silicone, urethane foam, and polyacrylate elastomer adhesive sealants that are suitable for automotive, industrial manufacturing, general construction, and industrial maintenance and repair applications.

The LOCTITE® industrial sealant portfolio includes:

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What are industrial sealant applications?

Henkel industrial sealants offer excellent sealing for aerospace, automotive, electronics, metal, durable and consumer goods, industrial maintenance and repair and packaging industries. Our reliable and high-quality industrial sealants are easy to use and offer reliable performance while improving efficiency. With a diverse portfolio, our sealants are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

Anaerobic sealants

Designed to cure when touching metal and in the absence of air, anaerobic sealants form a strong and durable seal between components and are used in a variety of manufacturing applications, as well as in the industrial maintenance and repair field.

Gasket and flange sealants

Used to prevent leakage of fluids and gasses, gasket sealants form an impenetrable barrier. Once cured, these sealants help eliminate corrosion while creating an instant, low pressure seal during assembly. Compared to conventional gaskets, Henkel’s range of gasketing sealants will not shrink, crack, or relax, while also resisting displacement. Additionally, gasketing sealants offer greater design flexibility and lower manufacturing costs by providing material savings of up to 95 percent.

Silicone sealants

Suitable for a wide array of applications, industrial silicone sealants are available for different uses, particularly for the automotive sector. From high performance sealants for vehicles to general purpose applications, Henkel’s industrial sealant portfolio can be applied on a diverse range of substrates and can withstand high temperatures and extreme environmental pressures.

Thread sealants

Thread sealants are anaerobic adhesives that can be applied to close metal fitting surfaces. The applied adhesive then cures with the absence of air and forms a strong seal that can withstand vibrations and changing temperatures and pressures. Available in both liquid or stick form, Henkel’s highly reliable thread sealants prevent gases and liquids from leaking on metal pipes and joints.

Elastomeric adhesives / sealants (also known as flexible adhesives)

Ideal for binding and sealing a wide range of substrates, our elastomeric sealants are flexible adhesives that offer high vibrational resistance and provides highly reliable sealing of dissimilar materials. Henkel now offers primerless elastomeric solutions as well.

Polyacrylate sealants

One of the main advantages of polyacrylate sealants is their high resistance to oils. As a type of flexible adhesive, these sealants offer a high level of flexibility and can also be painted over. Henkel’s polyacrylate sealants are especially well suited to sealing flanges in automotive applications.

Urethane sealants

Henkel’s range of urethane sealants can be used across many different manufacturing and construction applications. Our range of urethane window sealants can be used on metal substrates such as aluminum, as well as on wood and plastics while urethane joint sealants are ideal for the construction and building industries on ductwork and when forming expansion joints. Additionally, urethane foam sealants enable lightweighting when used in automotive body construction.


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