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Ensure intact, leak-free seals, and resistance to high temperatures, pressure and vibrations

Whether for the automobile industry, manufacturing, or power generation, reliable high-performance gasketing sealant materials are crucial to keeping processes running smoothly. LOCTITE® gasketing sealants help prevent leakage and the intrusion of fluids or gases by completely filling the space between the flange surfaces. With excellent resistance against the fluid or gases they seal, our portfolio of gasketing sealants withstand high operating temperatures, severe pressures and any micromovements.

We know that finding the right gasketing solutions isn’t always easy, and our industry-leading experts have made it their mission to produce high-quality sealant solutions to meet a wide range of application and industry needs. Henkel’s LOCTITE® gasketing sealants can help solve your challenges, reduce your costs, and make it easier to get the job done right.

Gasketing application

Why choose LOCTITE® gasket sealants?

Whether you’re in the automotive industry, industrial machinery industry, or power generation, there will be a LOCTITE® gasket sealant to meet your needs. You can be sure that a LOCTITE® solution will resist loss of elasticity, ensure the flange is unitized, increase your end-product’s service life, and provides 100% seal – not to mention reduce your inventory costs and complexity.

Contact the LOCTITE® team to see what LOCTITE® gasket sealants can do for your operation.

High temperature gasketing sealants

Many manufacturing and industrial applications require reliable high temperature gasketing sealants to keep processes running efficiently. Henkel offers gasketing sealants that perform reliably under extreme temperature and pressure conditions.

Anaerobic gasketing sealants

Designed for airtight spaces on rigid metal flanges, anaerobic sealants offer extra structural support and create a tight seal to prevent moisture and gas from entering the sealed area. Henkel’s liquid anaerobic gasketing sealant solutions offer good temperature resistance and cure when they come in contact with metal ions, eliminating the need for additional curing steps and improving production processes.

Silicone gasketing sealants

Meant to be used on flexible metal flanges, silicone RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) sealants are able to cope with movements in bowing and shearing direction due to their flexibility and integrated design features. LOCTITE® silicone gasekting sealants are available in a variety of formulations to resist different environmental conditions including high temperatures, motor oils, coolants and other industrial and automotive fluids.

Electronic gasketing sealants

From automotive displays to household appliances and consumer electronic devices, high quality gasketing materials prevent water, dust and other elements from damaging the sensitive internal components. Henkel’s LOCTITE® portfolio of gasketing sealants include both cured-in-place (CIPG) and formed-in-place (FIPG) gaskets that offer many benefits, including increased cost efficiency due to improved process automation, reduced emissions, and higher chemical resistance.

Cured-in-place gaskets (CIPG)

These gaskets are formed by applying a bead of liquid elastomer that is cured before assembly. These gaskets are dispensed onto a groove or step using automated high-precision equipment, generating a uniform solid compression gasket. The material is cured immediately after dispensing either by ultraviolet (UV) light, by heat or through a multi component system. The cured gasket adheres to the applied flange and, when assembled, is compressed between the mating parts, thereby closing the existing gaps. Sealing is achieved through compression of the cured gasket during flange assembly, similar to soft gasket material (SGMs).

Advantages of CIPG over SGMs:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reducing tool costs
  • Lowering inventory costs
  • Better chemical compatibility
  • Supply chain simplification
  • Increasing design flexibility

Formed-in-place gaskets (FIPG)

Efficient and economical compared to conventional insert seals, formed-in-place gaskets (FIPG) are formed by the application of a bead, roll coated film or by screen print of gasket sealant, which is then assembled in the uncured state. On assembly, the sealant is spread between the flanges and forced into surface imperfections to provide total contact between the two faces, and cures to form a durable seal.

What are the industrial applications?

As a leading supplier of gasketing sealants, Henkel offers high quality and reliable solutions for a wide range of industries – from automotive manufacturing to water filtration facilities and power generation plants.


Durable seals are an essential component for many areas of a car. Henkel’s range of LOCTITE® and TEROSON® brand products include gasketing sealant solutions for engines, powertrain, transmission components, batteries as well interior applications such as automotive displays.


If there is any leakage in a powertrain system, it can lead to devastating consequences. Gasketing sealants need to withstand harsh environmental conditions to prevent performance failures in any power generating system. For this reason, Henkel offers high-quality and reliable gasketing sealant solutions for transmission housing, water pumps, electric drive motors and more.

Industrial machinery

When it comes to oil refineries, water treatment plants, food and beverage industry or power generation plants, industrial gasketing sealants offer a flexible solution for many different applications. With excellent durability and temperature resistance, Henkel’s liquid gasketing sealant solutions ensure production processes are not disrupted by leaks that cost time and money.


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