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Pipe and fluid fitting leaks can bring operations to a standstill. LOCTITE® thread sealants are the preferred solution for many applications across industries to secure pipes, hydraulic systems, and other connections from fluid leaks. LOCTITE® has long been a trusted brand for adhesive and sealant technology, helping customers reduce downtime and cut costs. 

LOCTITE® thread sealants achieve a tight seal as the anaerobic thread sealant cures when there is an absence of air, and it comes into contact with metal surfaces. It’s ideal for preventing leaks created by vibration, changing pressure, or changing temperatures. Their ease of application, quick cure time, and cost-effectiveness make them the ideal solution in industrial maintenance and assembly applications.

Moreover, LOCTITE® thread sealants do not creep, shrink or contaminate systems. They are a dependable replacement for tape, putties, and paste sealants, and also protect threads and fittings against corrosion. They’ve been developed to withstand a wide range of temperatures and pressures and are available with potable water and gas approvals. 


What LOCTITE® Thread Sealant can Meet My Needs?

Henkel’s LOCTITE® thread sealants include silicone thread sealants. These seal plastic pipes as well as anaerobic resin compounds, preventing leaks even after thermal cycling and vibration. Our thread sealants can withstand shocks and vibrations while maintaining secure seals. We also offer a line of high temperature thread sealants able to prevent leaks and corrosion in extreme conditions. 

Our LOCTITE® thread sealants can be used in a range of industrial applications including industrial maintenance and assembly, automotive and plumbing.

Contact the LOCTITE® team to see what LOCTITE® thread sealants can do for your operation.


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